144 Thousand

144 Thousand Virgin Jews

144 Thousand  Jewish Male Virgins of The Apocalypse

Not many pastors and theologians want to tackle this prophecy because not much information is given about them or what they will be doing (Revelation 7:4 and Revelation 14:1).

Unfortunately, most preachers think that the 144 thousand  Jewish evangelists will be active only during the last 7 years of the Tribulation period before Armageddon.

These evangelists are not soldiers or warriors … they did not come to fight … but to rebuild the nations as teachers, doctors, engineers, agriculture, builders, and planners.

Uh huh … and everyone is supposed to  cruise on into the millennium all happy and full of joy?

I don’t think so … and the Bible does not teach that either … but many of us are perplexed about what the Bible really does teach (or mean)  in spite of all the paradoxes, metaphors, etc.)

Almost every speaker I hear … thinks that the “Christian Church” will be raptured and gone … and (in the 7-year Tribulation) that the 144 Thousand  Jewish evangelists are going to pick up the task and teach everyone else about Jesus Christ in a just a few remaining years before the millennium.

I don’t know if the Christian Gentile Churches” will be raptured out of harm’s way or not … but I do know that the 144 Thousand Jewish evangelists will NOT be teaching what the “Christian Gentile Churches” taught about GOD the Father and Jesus Christ.

GOD the Father and Jesus Christ have not changed … but the message about them will definitely NOT be the same doctrine that was taught by the “commercial Christian” churches.

Once you find out what is going to be happening in the millennium … you will see why the 144 Thousand  Jewish evangelists have a really big job … and you can find that, and much more, in the book shown below.

There is a lot of confusion about many prophecies … but this book may open your eyes:  144,000 Jewish Virgins of The Apocalypse: The Penultimate Prophecy Before The End of Man by Randall Braxton Spell, DD:

  1. eBook version ($4.95):          https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YJ45BT3   *
  2. Print Book version ($9.99): https://www.amazon.com/dp/1696252865

 *If you buy the Print Book version first … you should be able to get the eBook version for FREE. Of course, you can just get the eBook version if you do not want the Print Book version.

You should also know that the eBook version has over 330 “active links” that you can click for additional information while reading; whereas, the links in Print Book version will have to be typed into you browser if you do not have the eBook version.

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