Apocalypse - The Ending

Armageddon … Before The Final 1000 Years 

Does everyone see this coming destruction … which not only involves a local, Mid-East World War III … that is followed by the battle of Armageddon?

I don’t think so … because I know that there are a lot of really smart theologians out there … but why are they not saying much about it? Are they just waiting for a “rapture?”

I really hope that Christians are not so self-serving to think that they are all going to scoot out of here in “their rapture” and let the world crumble and rot in the millennium after they are gone.

But … you know what … this is the main stream, smug “commercial Christian” message I hear:

“We are going to get snatched out of here because we were promised that we would not have to go through the Tribulation.”

 I hope they are right about that thought … but, just in case they are not right in their interpretation … I would not count on it because a lot of people could be in for a big challenge to their “faith.”

Here is a short overview of the “world in trouble” during the period right before the millennium.

Not only will there be massive destruction caused by two catastrophic wars … but these conflicts will also be followed by some truly earth-shaking natural disasters caused by earthquakes, weather phenomena, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and more.

For expanded details about these disasters … and some of the celestial science behind these cataclysms … get the following book which goes into much more detail: 144,000 Jewish Virgins of The Apocalypse: The Penultimate Prophecy Before The End of Man by Randall Braxton Spell, DD:

  1. eBook version ($4.95):   *
  2. Print Book version ($9.99):

 *If you buy the Print Book version first … you should be able to get the eBook version for FREE. Of course, you can just get the eBook version if you do not want the Print Book version.

You should also know that the eBook version has over 330 “active links” that you can click for additional information while reading; whereas, the links in Print Book version will have to be typed into you browser if you do not have the eBook version.

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