Bible Prophecy

Prophecy – The 100% Certainty Event

One of the biggest dangers with interpreting and accepting prophecy is that the interpretation may be wrong … and then people get caught “flat-footed” when they should have “been watching.”

Prediction is NOT Prophecy … and Prophecy is NOT Prediction.

A Prediction may never come true … but a Prophecy always comes true.

The Judeo-Christian Bible is the only self-proving book on the Earth.

Scholars have estimated that about twenty-six percent (26%) of the verses in the Bible relate to some type of prophecy … and all of them have come true so far … and they have occurred according to their relevant time-lines.

GOD the Father said that he knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10) … and since He said that … He has continued to prove Himself with prophecy through His prophets.

The “commercial Christian” church seems to be wrapped up in the smugness of its own beliefs and doctrines … and arrogantly believes itself to be in compliance with the creeds of heaven.

However, 99.99% of them are proved to be wrong by the one single, most powerful verse in the entire Bible … and you will see it.

They are totally wrong … and they are standing in the way of the completion of the final prophecy before the end of mankind … but it will be completed, nonetheless.

That information is fully explained in this book:  144,000 Jewish Virgins of The Apocalypse: The Penultimate Prophecy Before The End of Man by Randall Braxton Spell, DD:

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