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 END OF MANKIND AFTER THE 144 THOUSAND VIRGIN JEWISH EVANGELISTS ARRIVE  The end of mankind is definitely coming … and the human race will be no more … but not until the 144 Thousand Jewish Evangelists complete their jobs. Prophecy is one of the most exciting … but also most confusing … fields of study  in the Bible. However, we must pay attention to prophecies because they always come true.Read More


Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Raptures – Escalators To Heaven There seem to be more “raptures” that compete for our attention and acceptance than we can even keep up with … but we are all looking for doorway to those “gates of heaven.” The problem with “raptures” is that most of them seem to have been “implied” … but the inferences have multiplied into several possible applications: Pre-tribulation rapture Mid-tribulation rapture Post tribulation rapture Post-millennialRead More


Bible Prophecy

Prophecy – The 100% Certainty Event One of the biggest dangers with interpreting and accepting prophecy is that the interpretation may be wrong … and then people get caught “flat-footed” when they should have “been watching.” Prediction is NOT Prophecy … and Prophecy is NOT Prediction. A Prediction may never come true … but a Prophecy always comes true. The Judeo-Christian Bible is the only self-proving book on the Earth.Read More


Millennial Reign

Millennium – The 1000 Years – Post Armageddon The millennium is frequently referred to as the 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ on Earth … but there are many questions, such as: “Why Jesus Christ would want to do that … because it serves no practical or theological purpose for the kingdom of GOD?” During this time, the “commercial Christian” church is supposed to already be raptured away into a paradiseRead More

Jesus’ DNA

DNA of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ’s DNA  Jesus Christ’s DNA really is different from all other human beings … and the proof is right there in the Bible to prove it … but he is still as human as we are, in all respects.  NO … in spite of ancient astronaut theories about the Earth being populated by extra-terrestrials (ET’s) … this transplantation ideology does not apply to Jesus Christ at all. However, theRead More


Garden of Eden

Creation epoch   One of the most self-serving, narcissistic things that many Christians do is to puff their chest out and proclaim just how big their faith is by exclaiming that “their GOD” created the Earth in six literal days. To the people who read their Bible … and can think … that position is pure baloney. Apparently such people do not read their Bibles … and if they do, theyRead More


Apocalypse - The Ending

Armageddon … Before The Final 1000 Years  Does everyone see this coming destruction … which not only involves a local, Mid-East World War III … that is followed by the battle of Armageddon? I don’t think so … because I know that there are a lot of really smart theologians out there … but why are they not saying much about it? Are they just waiting for a “rapture?” IRead More

144 Thousand

144 Thousand Virgin Jews

144 Thousand  Jewish Male Virgins of The Apocalypse Not many pastors and theologians want to tackle this prophecy because not much information is given about them or what they will be doing (Revelation 7:4 and Revelation 14:1). Unfortunately, most preachers think that the 144 thousand  Jewish evangelists will be active only during the last 7 years of the Tribulation period before Armageddon. These evangelists are not soldiers or warriors …Read More